DASSA Anti-smoking Campaign

“We’re not all smoke and mirrors”

Holy smokes!

Clearing the air on indigenous health

There is a high propensity for indigenous people to smoke, starting at an early age and this has a significant impact on the Australian health system. Therein lied the challenge of addressing this issue whilst remaining culturally sensitive and engaging to the target audience.

No butts…

It’s time to quit!

In collaboration with Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia (DASSA), we helped spread the message ‘Give Up Smokes For Good’ by using high profile indigenous representatives. The powerful images combined with strong anti-smoking lines, helped attract widespread publicity that went beyond the traditional realms of advertising. This was partnered with an engaging and educational online forum accessible by kids, parents, teachers and local health workers.

The Result

The campaign was a resounding success and set the tone for continuing culturally appropriate campaigns.