Motor Accident Commission

10 year hangover

Drunk drivers have blurred sense of reality

When the reward outweighs the risk

Driving under the influence of alcohol is as serious as you can get when it comes to committing a driving offence. Yet so many are prepared to chance it. Some people simply aren’t intimidated by a having their driver’s licence suspended, nor are they threatened by a hefty fine. So how do you up the ante without introducing harsher penalties?

Don’t tell me, show me

What really happens when you get convicted

We looked deeper into the repercussions of drink driving. The reality is, it’s more than a temporary suspension and a fine. If you receive a drink driving conviction, it’s also considered a criminal conviction that stays with you for at least 10 years. It rears its ugly head with every police check. It can limit your work prospects. Stop you from working with kids. And mess with your travel plans. Your conviction lingers and no matter what you do, you can’t shake it off for 10 long years. In fact, it’s like having the worst 10 year hangover of your life.

The Result

The campaign launched with a 45 second TVC and 3 individual 15 second TVCs that highlight how various aspects of your life could be affected with a drink driving conviction. The messages are also reinforced through radio, print, outdoor, digital and online. With the campaign having only recently launched in December 2017, we’re still waiting for results, however initial responses and positive feedback have exceeded expectation.