Wonder? Wisdom.


National Pharmacies have a key goal: continue providing a high level of personal service to their customers and as a result increase their membership figures. Research showed that many consumers didn't know what National Pharmacies stood for or why membership should be important to them. Simply put, National Pharmacies were without a personality.

Within a very competitive market, National Pharmacies needed to find its own voice, one that would not only ring true for its current members, but also resonate with the wider community.

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.


After targeting their core member, 50+ females, for several years, we recognised that in order to grow their membership, National Pharmacies also needed to connect with and attract a new generation of customer - young families.

The great thing was National Pharmacies were already providing the insights and services to young families in-store. Research confirmed that customers already thought of National Pharmacies as caring and knowledgeable. That’s because everyday, hundreds of customers walk through their doors with health related questions – and National Pharmacies take great pride in finding answers and providing solutions that work. In essence, if you have the wonder, National Pharmacies have the wisdom to help.

But this positioning has gone beyond a marketing line. It’s a belief everyone at National Pharmacies is invested in and a reminder of what they do well.

The Result

While this campaign has only recently launched and the brand positioning is still in its infancy, National Pharmacies have already received an increase in memberships nationally. And an overwhelming increase in website traffic.
On top of this, the positive feedback from customers, members and staff has already exceeded expectations above and beyond any previous campaigns for National Pharmacies.


Agency Principal - Brenton Bock
Managing Director - Cameron Hockey
Strategy Director – Tim Emery
Creative Director - Johnny Velis
Account Manager – Hazel Ashby
Head of Art - Becq Hinton
Producer – Amy Gordon
Director – Roh Smith
DOP - Hugh Miller
Post Production – Sam Matthews
Music – Justin Pounsett