What goes around, comes around


Tyrecycle was just breaking into the market when we first met them. They had become a part of the highly regarded resource recovery group, ResourceCo, but they had a very low profile. Little was known about the company, what they do and why they do it.


Tyrecycle business to business sales kit.

With a B2B sales kit, through a CRM program, a redesigned website and considered print publications, we told the story of a nation-wide resource recovery enterprise servicing national tyre retailers, government, industry and mining companies. This was a sizeable, reliable and professional company with the means to deal with the scale of resource recovery required across Australia. We highlighted their commitment to providing superior service in an efficient, environmentally.

Sound, safe and socially responsible manner and their chain of custody of all materials. And woven through all this were their inspiring beliefs and product outcomes

The Result

Tyrecycle quickly became the market leader in their industry. They have the largest collection fleet in the country servicing metropolitan, regional and remote areas. And they are the only company to have a processing plant in each mainland state of Australia, handling over 120,000 tonnes of waste rubber annually. And for us, we’re playing a small part in helping them reduce the number of tyres sent to landfill, to create a cleaner, healthier environment on a national scale.